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Fibro Friends

I chose to name this post, Fibro Friends for a couple of reasons. Fibromyalgia can be a lonely experience if you let it. Pain is an equalizer that no one likes to endure but it is vitally important to remember to push yourself. Connect with your friends. You may also find many of your friends are experiencing the same symptoms. Sharing with each may lead to additional helps and resources. Recently, a fibro friend introduced me to a product called, Thera Cane.  It is a tool that can be incorporated in your arsenal. A companion book is, The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.  Both used together may offer some relief to those aggravating knots. Trigger point massage/therapy has been around for some time.
Having fibromyalgia doesn't mean you have to give up your hobbies. Explore new hobbies. Keep your mind active. I recently have become interested in wood carving. Find something within your skill set and interests. Developing new hobbies will lead to new friends.  Above all keep looking up.


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MRI to Cervical Surgery

After several surgeries, ESI steroid injections, physical therapy, pain, and additional doctors it was time to undergo surgery on my cervical spine. The neurosurgeon was clearly more open and interested in my condition that had been an issue for me a long time now. The prior PSIF spine fusion surgery of my L2/L3 was performed by a Orthopedic surgeon and is something I am still battling.

The cervical surgery however was something I wanted to have done by a Neurosurgeon. He was patient, friendly and attentive to the difficulties I've been having as far as the persistent pain, numbness, and tingling in my arms and hands commonly referred to as radiculopathy. Headaches also were a constant issue. This surgeon took the time to show me on a large screen HD computer monitor the affected area(s). He immediately recommended an ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion of 2 areas. The c5-c6 and the c6-c7.

The above MRI shows the areas. 
Doctor said he was about 2 weeks out on his scheduling…

Water Exercise for Back Pain

I taught swimming and life-guarding for the YMCA and the Red Cross for nearly 18 years. One thing I always remember was the importance of water exercise. It is the only form of exercise that activates the most amount of muscles. Water is important in that it allows the individual to be buoyant thus reducing injury. Cardiovascular wise, it the safest form of activity.

I highly recommend using warm water pool therapy to stretch, exercise, and relax in. Before beginning water exercise, or water therapy check with your doctor. While in the water take things slowly. Get comfortable with the water. There are some things you can use while exercising. Use Styrofoam dumb bells. Many pools have them available. Practice walking in the water using a heel toe method thus allowing your foot to roll from the heel forward. Do not overdo things. If you are off balance in the water you may feel pain. Then practice moving sideways in the water. Feet together then spread your feet shoulder width apart an…

No news

Had my visit yesterday with my neurosurgeon. After waiting 5+ months to see him I was told nothing in the November 2016 low back MRI suggests surgery. He also recommended Physical Therapy last month which made this visit more confusing. My family doctor was supposed to have sent his notes regarding my neck MRI which was not sent according to my neurosurgeon. All the more adding to my growing frustration.
Pain is real. I feel it every day. I prefer to avoid opiates. Since there is nothing on the MRI's per se I am left dumbfounded.
Do I get another opinion even though the MRI report shows moderate to severe degeneration of the disc at L3 L4?